At Home Care for Injury & Pain

So, you came to get a Thai massage with me. You are feeling great and you want to maintain how you feel after a massage session for the next 3-4 weeks til you can come back again. 

Getting a Thai massage is ONE PART of your full wellness program. There are other things you can do at home on your own to keep you optimal til you can make it to my office again. What are those things? 

I often recommend these things to my clients especially if they have specific injuries or pain. Even if you don’t have an injury or pain, I still recommend these things to anyone though. 

Stretch/Yoga – As a yoga teacher, this is highly recommended on my list for everyone! Weather short daily practice or twice a week hour practice, you maintain the basic level of mobility and flexibility in your body by having a routine stretch/yoga session. You do not need fancy poses!! Check out my  free yoga video page on my website here

Ball/Foam Rolling – Same as stretching. It only take a few minutes every day. 

PT exercises – If you have not visited the physical therapist for your injury/pain, I recommend that you go to someone. 

Walking/Moving – Make time to move every day, especially if your work is at the desk or driving. Walking around/inside the house, dancing, or anything will help! 

Gua Sha/Scraping – This is a technique to scrape the skin with a tool. You can check it out on YouTube. It will bring more blood circulation to the area that’s tight and have pain. It also helps move and restructure the soft tissues under the skin to reduce tightness and pain. If you do it very deeply, you can work towards breaking up the scar tissues that’s causing your pain under the skin. 

Healthy Eating Habit – I generally recommend low inflammation diet which means no dairy, no alcohol, no sugar, no gluten and generally clean whole food diet. Less eating out and more home cooking! 

Healthy Sleeping Habit – I’m not a specialist in this, but you can find some many good books to read about and experiment to achieve the restful sleep. 

Office Ergonomics – Google or hire a professional to help you for this! I’m always working on my posture when I’m working which is giving Thai massage and teaching yoga. It involves some sitting in front of computer but not as much as some of you do.