Thai Massage Training Boulder

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8/3 & 8/10 2022 7:30-9pm @ Frequent Flyers Productions in Boulder

Nurture Yourself with Thai Massage, Self-Massage & Breathing Part 1: Upper Body

Ground Yourself with Thai Massage, Self-Massage & Breathing Part 2: Lower Body, Neck/Face/Head






~ Premium Thai Massage Training Boulder ~

Learn to Give the Healing Art of Thai Massage!

What can you learn? 

Thai Massage is a great continuing education to further the understanding of movements, self-care and awareness for healthcare professionals such as yoga teachers, yoga therapists, physical therapists, massage therapists, care takers, nurses, etc. 


***Couples Thai Massage Private Lesson Available***
Learn Thai Massage sequence with/for your partner. The structure of the session can be very flexible. One person can be learning the sequence or both of you can be learning the same sequence in a same session together.
I also take a request on what the focus should be for the sequence. For example, if your partner complains a lot on a low back discomfort from sitting for a long time, I can make a sequence to reduce the discomfort in low back and open the hips/legs.
If you want to learn the fundamentals of Thai massage together, I also have a lot to offer, focusing on the whole body.

How long should the session be?
I recommend 2 hours per session. The shortest is 90min. 60min can be a follow up session.
If you like to do a session at your own home, I can travel to your house with a travel fee.

Email me at to book a session or questions.

Couples Thai Massage Lessons