Handstand Training with Yuki in Boulder


Yuki offers a broad spectrum of handstand training for all-levels of practitioners. Her acrobatic approach to handstands sets the foundation for an effective training method. She also focuses on bringing the mindfulness of yoga into handstand practice which means she encourages the accurate self assessment, safety as well as honoring your body.

  • Handstand private (semi-private)
  • Handstand Workshops (half a day to all day)
  • Handstand Series
  • Other inversion training

Who are the Handstand Sessions for?

Yoga practitioners, acrobats, gymnasts, circus artists, aerialists, capoeristas, traceurs, break dancers, cross fitters, movement enthusiasts, climbers, fitness enthusiasts… ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE!

Pre-Pay for handstand session

Please contact Yuki to make an appointment or to host a handstand workshop at your studio/gym.
Note the 24-hour cancellation policy via phone.

Yuki’s Main Handstand & Hand to Hand Teachers

Jason Nemer – The founder/instructor of AcroYoga
Lu Yi – Master trainer at San Francisco Circus Center
Jean-Luc Martin – The owner/trainer of San Diego Circus Center

***If you are interested in learning “hand to hand” in partner acrobatics, please contact me. Hand to hand semi-private is also available.