Healing my broken ankle

As I promised, I’m updating you with my healing process from a broken ankle. It’s been a little over 4 weeks since my ankle surgery. I now have a plate and 5 screws on my distal fibula. Woohoo.

It’s unbelievable that it took me 37 years to break a bone. I was always physically active since I was young. In schools, I played many sports. In my 20s, I competed and taught skydiving and indoor bodyflight for more than 10 years. In my 20s and 30s, I trained in partner acrobatics for more than 8 years. Since I moved to Colorado for last 10 years, I’ve been a climber, skier, biker and a runner…All these years, I somehow avoided the bone breaking episode but that had to end soon or later. It’s not great to be injured (No one likes to be injured. I know so.), however, I am looking at this opportunity from a different angle and trying to learn as much as I can. How is it like to break a bone? How does my body react to it? What’s the process of healing? As a movement teacher and a massage therapist, this can be another jewel that has been dropped in front of me (not for free). 

I am writing this healing journal for the hope to send the positive message to some of you out there who are struggling to heal from injuries, chronic pain, surgery, trauma etc. and also those who are caretakers and healers. It’s also a good practice for me to write and organize my thoughts. I do not particularly like writing…but practice makes it better, right?  Please write to me if you have any questions, comments or feedback to me! contact@yogayuki.com

This has been my 2nd surgery (It was an ACL knee reconstruction surgery 3 years ago on the same leg.) so I got the routine down better this time and I felt well prepared for what was going to come. I’m glad to have some wisdom to go through this healing journey 2nd time around. It has been an interesting 4-5 weeks and I hope I’m learning something from this experience. 

Here are some things that I’ve been doing for last 4 weeks to make a good progress on my healing! First 2 weeks was the toughest since there was throbbing, swelling and some pain, and my whole body felt still quite tired and weak. It took a lot of my energy to just make a breakfast and eat, and right after that, I would already feel exhausted from eating a breakfast! You can imagine how long my day had felt…But after week 3, things got better and better. Some might say that I should just not work all together since my work is pretty physical (teaching yoga and giving Thai massage), however, I can not simply afford to just sit around for 6 to 8 weeks and it will get boring very quickly!! So, I was back to work a week after my surgery and although it’s exhausting, I’m doing better and better at work as well. Now I’m almost ready to ditch the crutches, just need a surgeon’s ok this week! 

  • Rest
  • Clean Diet
  • Detox
  • Exercise
  • Healing Sessions
  • Adapt
  • Reconnect
  • My Partner

In my next blog, I like to write more detail on each of them and update with my progress!