“I have taken yoga classes for several years now. About a year ago, I first met Yuki and have had the privilege of regularly practicing yoga with her since then. From the first class of hers that I attended, I knew she was very special. For one thing, she quickly learned everyone’s name, which I believe shows how she is interested in each person.

She immediately helps everyone feel comfortable and welcome with her gentle, caring personality.

Yuki accepts each individual regardless of how much experience or skill they have with yoga. She gives everyone confidence that it’s possible to improve their strength, flexibility, breathing, no matter what point they are starting from.

Yuki’s classes feel spontaneous, and they never consist of the same poses in the same order. I believe this is important because we are paying attention to different aspects of yoga in every class. Even if her class seems spontaneous, it is clear that she has an overall “plan” for every class and she is helping us focus on a specific area of the body or a particular type of opening. She accomplishes that in a very casual, natural way that seems effortless, but it is only possible because she is so extremely knowledgeable and skillful.

I appreciate how, even with a pose such as down-dog that we do very often, Yuki is able to bring new insight and improvement to it so I continue to gain more openness and room in my body as I do it slightly differently. Yuki explains very clearly every move she asks us to do and why she is asking us to do it in a certain way.

I have experienced a great sense of healing and pain reduction in my troubled knees since I have been practicing yoga with Yuki. If I can figure out a way to increase the number of times I can go to her classes, I know those benefits will also increase.
— Sandy Artzer

“I have been practicing under Yuki’s supervision since 2009. I value her ability to draw together the physical and spiritual practise of yoga. Yuki has a spectacular ability to know just how far to push a student; there were many, many times when Yuki’s directive encouragement allowed me to push aside my own self-doubt and reach farther and deeper into my own practice. Yuki is exacting, which keeps her students safe from injury.”
— Sarah K. Estill

“I have been practicing yoga for 12 years. And this year’s highlight for my yoga practice was YOU”.
— Anonymous

“Yuki has taught me great appreciation of yoga and the benefits it can have for a competitive athlete.

I avoided yoga for most of my racing career until last year. I never saw where it would “fit” into my training routine. After my first Beginner yoga class I became a regular student of Yuki’s. Yuki is easy to understand and follow; she demonstrates poses very clearly and moves at a pace that allows my body to ease into them. Yuki is excellent at learning any limitations or injuries that her students may have and modifies specific poses to help and not hinder these students.

Last summer I broke my neck in a bike race and, after the bone-healing process, hesitantly returned to Yuki’s class. I was anxious to get back to the benefits of yoga but was very worried about doing something that would hinder the remainder of my healing. To my pleasant surprise (and subsequent healing benefits), Yuki understood the nature of my injury and would show me alternate poses that alleviated any stress on my neck. I was able to practice yoga regularly and it definitely helped me get back to competitive sports a lot sooner than the doctors or I expected!”
— Ted Benning

“Yuki knows how to guide my stretches to my limit in her yoga classes and in her massage work. I feel much more comfortable in my body after working with her.”
— Frances, massage therapist for 23 years

“I have been taking Yoga for about 10 years and I have had several different teachers over the years. I can say without a doubt; Yuki’s yoga classes are the best classes I have experienced. They are such a perfect mix of relaxation, strength and stretching. Some how she is able to get the best out of you. Everything is step by step; so you move seamlessly from more basic moves to the more difficult poses. I believe one of Yuki’s strongest attributes is her ability to adapt yoga moves for injuries and folks’ chronic problems. If you are going to take a Yoga class, this is the one to take. You’ll surely get addicted.”
— Sharon Foster

“I do not know where to begin to describe Yuki and her phenomenal way of teaching yoga. I have attempted to practice yoga for years and it was not until I took Yuki’s class a year ago that I became dedicated. In Boulder it is tough to do anything and start at the beginning especially when you are a competitive athlete, but Yuki makes it very comfortable and possible at any level…She knows the human anatomy very well and knows what positions are good for particular areas and what props to use so you can get the benefit out of the pose. I have become so dedicated that I hired Yuki to give private instructions to my family. Every time I have completed a session with Yuki I feel like a million bucks. I cannot say enough about Yuki.”
— A huge fan, Frankie Benning

“Yuki is an exceptional personal instructor. I have had the blessing of weekly private instruction. Yuki is extremely patient and helpful… I have felt a difference in my running and biking after practicing with Yuki. Having recently had shoulder surgery, Yuki has done a great job of helping me stretch out my shoulders without straining them or causing pain…”
— Tommy


“What I loved (about AcroYoga class by Yuki): First, I enjoyed the challenge and accomplishing moves I never thought humanly possible.

Second, I fell in love with this teacher. She is kinder and sweeter than I ever thought humanly possible. You could tell everyone in this class felt the same way about her. She has a special charisma that is rare to find…

How I felt after the class: After the class, my body felt great from the spinal releasing and Thai massage at the end. It felt like I’d just had a massage. If you peeked in on this class through the door, you would never expect to feel so relaxed afterward. I expected to be exhausted.”
Daily Camera Article on 2/1/2011: Workout of the week by Aimee Heckel

“Yuki introduced me to AcroYoga. This partner practice not only brought me a great deal of joy, it forced me to extend my own practice beyond myself. In Acroyoga, you must trust and communicate with your partner(s). Under Yuki’s tutelage, I have learned to come to yoga as both play and practice… Acro has taught me when to be gentle, when to be firm, when to ask for help, and when to let go. Most importantly, Acro travels off of the mat with me in unexpected and delightful ways. Yuki’s own practice and enthusiasm for Acro is infectious, and her directive teaching style allows students to learn quickly and enjoyably.”
— Sarah K. Estill

“I began attending Yuki’s AcroYoga class a few months ago and it has quickly become one of my favorite activities. Never having heard of AcroYoga prior to attending, I was a little nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect when I went for the first time. Fortunately, Yuki’s class is very inviting of all levels, abilities, and persons, and I felt welcomed immediately even though I didn’t know anyone. In fact, attending class each week made me feel like I was becoming part of a community.

Now, many weeks later, I look forward to seeing the familiar friendly faces who have all taught me so much about myself and the practice. In my humble opinion, if you are ever in need of a unique physical, mental, or interpersonal challenge, I would highly recommend you consider choosing Yuki’s AcroYoga class as your source of inspiration; with Yuki’s expertise, guidance, and understanding, you just might discover something new within yourself!”
— Trish Zornio

“Why do I take Yuki’s Acro Yoga Class?… because it’s FUN! You can get a great core workout while enjoying it. Each class gives you the opportunity to interact with new and familiar faces and realize that you can build a level of trust without talking.

Yuki teaches from the heart and it translates to her class and students. Highly recommended.”
— Lyn